Aliyah Explains | Podcasts are lit, here’s my top 5.

Hey guys! While I’m super obsessed with Music and such, I’ve also been heavily into podcasts. This interest developed mainly because I grew up listening to morning radio shows as well as afternoon talk radio with my parents.

I’m talking the Jeff Fox Show, Tom Joyner Morning show, and Elvis Duran as a youngin’ and I graduated to The Breakfast club in my high school years.

Podcasts became my thing when Breaking Bad ended, and I missed the show Talking Bad, the host, Christ Hardwick, promoted his podcast, The Nerdist, who didn’t make my top five but is for sure an honorable mention.

I branched out into what I now call my go to Podcasts, here’s my list!

5. Mmhmm, Girl


Okay so I either found this podcast on twitter and one day after giving up on one of the first ones I listened to, I naturally loved it. They describe their show as “two dope girls with a podcast” and it’s accurate. The “hoe stories” are by far the funniest thing because the chemistry between Lola and Babz is perfect. You can tell there’s a real friendship there and I love that in podcasts. While these ladies are living their real lives on the west coast, they took a bit of a hiatus but are still pretty active on twitter. Check them out @Mmhmmgirl, because they mentioned they will be back for the summer, baby too. I cannot wait to hear more about Babz being a mama, and Lola’s updates.

4. Brilliant Idiots


Since I love the Breakfast Club, finding out Charlamagne had a podcast was dope, I immediately downloaded it and did not expect it to be different from the breakfast club. Boyyyy! All the penis talk and stuff was different, but their chemistry is still enjoyable. The guests they bring on the show are almost always interesting and enlightening. I’ve been introduced to some really amazing people via Brilliant Idiots and learned so much. (this is also how i was put on to Killer Mike and Angela Rye).  I love the friendship between Charlamange and Andrew because for a few months it seemed like all they did was scream and miss each others points. Last month, Charlamagne and Chris Morrow (Loud Speakers Network ceo) sat Andrew down to explain how his playing devils advocate and arguing for the sake of arguing could be tiring to listeners as well as them. Surprisingly, Andrew was extremely receptive to this idea and the more recent episodes have been very enjoyable again.

3. The READ


Alright y’all, this podcast hands down is  fantastic. Crissle and Kid Fury are naturally hilarious “NYC transplants” who talk about pop black culture.  These two Beyonce stans make me chuckle every single week on my way to work talking about Blue Ivy running the Knowles-Carter household.  Since neither of them grew up in New York City, it’s interesting to hear them talk about the very same frustrations I have with living here. At the end of the show, they read people who have done something so stupid you can’t ignore it.  you’re new, start with Crissle’s superbowl TV incident. I truly admire Crissle so much because she’s 100% sure of herself and has never been sorry for it. Role Model is an understatement.

2. Politically Reactive


This podcast is a bit different from the rest, although well within the Aliyah podcast interest bubble. I originally found this podcast while listening to This American Life, where on an episode W. Kamau Bell talks about race issues he faces having a white wife, while he is a black man still for the cause. It was so interesting that I watched his stand up, and followed his twitter where he promoted his podcast with his friend Hari, who’s also a pretty funny comedian. Before 45 was elected, I had a lot of research and questions about making an educated vote. I was one of those people who were told to vote democrat down the line, but I wanted to really know who i was voting for, and thats where this podcast comes in. Hari and Kamau explain and discuss in depth about just what the heck is going on in the world. Even after the election, this weekly podcast is so important for those of you who want to stay on top of politics like I do.

1. Bodega Boys


Alright, Desus and Mero have been entertaining me for an extremely long time. I followed Desus on twitter back when people jumped on hashtags until they were in TwitterJail. One day, there was all this talk about him being white, and my brother told me about Desus vs Mero, which was an extremely clever show in which they literally enjoyed each other’s company and making jokes very specific to growing up in New York City. Now their podcast drops almost always on Friday, but because it’s art, sometimes its late.  on pop culture and as Charlamagne would say, our Celebrity in Chief. Trust me, they’re hilarious, and if you can get through the AKA’s you’ll be just as hooked as I am. I was lucky enough to get the chance to meet Deus and Mero at a taping of uncommon sense where they gave out some stickers. They seemed incredible humbled to be recognized, especially because people were crowding around Charlamagne and N.O.R.E.

The Bodega Boys also have a dope late night show on Viceland called Desus and Mero, which is the visual art, which airs Monday – Thursday and I rush home to make sure I get to see it. These guys are so hilarious and definitely have earned their #1 stop on this list.


That’s all for now! Are you guys listening to podcasts I haven’t mentioned? Leave a comment and put me on!

xoxo Aliyah



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